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Friday, 29 August 2008

Learn How To Sail you can start sailing today

Hi, I am here to help you find out about learning how to sail in one easy to read e book, i am sure you will find this of interest if you are serious about learning how to sail.
Get all the information today.

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How to
Sail for
August 28
This one stop shop to learning how to sail made easy for beginners, all you
need to know in one easy to read e book.Learning to Sail.

You are probably like i was some time ago, you would love to learn how to sail, but do not the first thing about sailing and where to start.
Well this e book has been designed to help you through the first basic approaches to learning how to sail, to the more detailed information you will learn to give you the confidence to go forward.
... Because this e-book ALSO answers your every question, doubt, or concerns, about the right way to get started Learning How to Sail and acts as a good reference book to go back to as you progress your learning.
Not only will you discover everything you need to know about sailing as quickly and easily as possible, you'll learn
• Understand basic sailing terminology.
• How a sailing boat actually works.
• How to maneuver, moor and anchor a sailing boat.
• Understand the different types of sailing boat.
• What are charts used for?
• How to navigate.
• What are and where to go to obtain your sailing qualifications?
• Which sailing school suites you and your budget?
• Correspondence Courses.
• Safety and rules of the road.
• Chartering or Owning a sailing boat.
• What's VHF?
• Understanding Tidal Flows.
• Why is Meteorology so important?
• Cruiser or Racing, what's for me?
All the above at this stage may seem a little daunting to you , as it was for me when i first started out, that is why i can relate to you and why this e book that has been designed for you to take the next steps forward.
You will be guided through logically with illustrations and details of how Sailing Yachts work and works for you.
Happy Sailing.